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Why You Desperately Need To Become More Productive And Take Action!

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“Knowledge is not power, it is the potential of power, action applied with knowledge is power”
– Darren Hardy

As a 19-year-old Entrepreneur, being productive isn’t even an average for many. This is because we have endless possibilities where we want to go, we have the time to do the things we love, heck we can essentially study at uni, then party on the weekends. Time is on our side, but having realised at a young age after reading the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki, Job Security will become one of the biggest financial risks in life. Majority of Uni students, if not all, are all working towards a secure job as a result of our school system. I always get the vibes that “I made it into a prestigious degree, that means all I have to do is study hard and I will get a good job!” 

While this will reap you the rewards of hard work paid off, think about it this way – if you were let off from your job, what other source of income do you have? The upside to this is that if you are doing a job you love, and it fulfils your desires as a person, then that is amazing. But even so, I encourage people to think outside the box a little. In the 21st century, you cannot rely on a job to make you free. I say free, because 99% of the population is comfortable. There is a specific reason why only 1% of the population is living the ‘dream life’. And that is because of one true factor.

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That 1% of people work harder than us, and as a result, are more productive than us!

I’m certain that majority of people know this. But despite knowing, don’t ever do anything about it. It is the sad reality, and if you are one of these people, pay very close attention to what I am about to show you.

I was always the sort of person that knew a lot but never followed through with it, and never sought things through till the end. The reason is this, I got bored very easy (not including relationships ;)). I struggled with productivity – in school, in Uni, and I always thought of myself as someone who needed to do hands on things. While this was the case, I eventually came to the conclusion that without personal development, I would never prosper into the Man I aspire to become. Personal development means really digging deep into your inner self, and focusing on personal growth, and personal growth needed books. 

BOOKS! Who wanted to hit the books? I sure didn’t. Why did I go through 13 years of schooling, be in Uni having to study 40 hours a week and have to invest into books on the side? That’s a lot of theory. But I did it anyway. Did I become productive as a result of it? Most definitely not.

Knowing alot, but never applying it will not get you results. If you are in the same boat as me, FEAR NOT. I have the answer for your needs. You see, if you are stubborn, like me, you may have been doing something unconsciously, and that is thinking you are productive because you know it all, but in reality, you are NOT!

If you are in this boat, ask yourself “Do my actions speak for themselves?

Think about this for a second. “Did I successfully implement the knowledge I had acquired and used it to generate results?” If the answer is no, then you are not using your knowledge to it’s fullest potential. Action is the Key.

That being said lower your ego, and be accountable for your actions. 

Have you ever seen a personal trainer who needed personal training? I say this because people generally strive towards persons who they look up to, or think they can really learn off. Because a Personal Trainer has already applied the theory they had learnt to their own body, other people’s thought processes would go “He/she seems like the know what they’re doing. I’ll choose him!”

Become accountable for your actions. Now, whenever someone tells you something you already know, ask yourself “Am I already taking action upon this?” If not, YOU ARE NOT PRODUCTIVE. If you are one of those people who are at the gym, but don’t have any results? Most of the time, it’s because you are not committed to it. You may have researched everything in the book, but if you don’t apply itYOU ARE NOT PRODUCTIVE.

This applies to any part of your life. Your actions speak louder than your words. Are you really productive? Or are you lying to yourself, saying that you already know?

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