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Why Books Will Be The Changing Factor In Your Life

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If you are not reading books, you are not learning, and are losing a vital factor in completely changing yourself for the better.

Billionaire Mark Cuban states “If you are not learning everyday, you are falling behind!” – and what’s the best way to learn?


Books are an essential part of anyone looking to become financially free. Think of book as a conversation, and the author as your mentor, sharing their knowledge.

Books provide years of experience congested into certain topics which provide insight on the experiences of the author, or useful tips to apply in your everyday life, or specific field you’re reading the book for.

Why should you read books?

Books play an integral role in the knowledge needed to succeed in any field, you can literally find a book on any topic!

If you want to see the benefits of reading books, check out the article that did on the benefits of reading here!

For example, without the book ‘The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding’ by Arnold Schwarzenegger, I wouldn’t of had the vast amount of knowledge I do on specific exercises, knowledge on body parts, how the body functions, how food is used in the body and how it translates to bodybuilding, specific training routines, posing, bodybuilding history, you get the gist.

How to retain the most amount of knowledge when reading

THAT’S EASY! If were me back when I started, you would get bored of books easily. 

This was up until I had done research on this specific topic, and came out with results that have worked for myself, and you can implement to work for you!

Bare in mind, everyone is different, some people can learn better through audio and hearing, through visual representation, through reading and writing, or actually going out and performing actions.

If you want to check out which type of learner you are, check out this blog post by Prezi Blog here!

You may find that you have characteristics of both, but I guarantee you one will describe you perfectly – and if you don’t know which one you are, just try em’

How does this translate to reading? Easy! If you learn best by reading and writing (like me) find a way to read and write without having to slow your reading down.

The way I do this is having my computer with the Kindle app while I type key notes on my laptop.

Another way you can speed up reading is by listening to the audio book as you read. This is a method I learnt off YouTuber ‘Fight Mediocrity‘.

The best way in my opinion is to actually implement the principles being taught. That’s pretty much the gist of reading right? Remember – “Knowledge is not power, but the potential of power!” – Anthony Robbins

How to not get bored when reading?

This was a question I pondered a lot when I first started reading.

Reading a book at 7pm at night was not a good idea, because I always fell asleep on the couch as a result.

I’ll sum up some of the ways I read to keep the book entertaining:

  • Read books which are extremely relevant to the things you are currently doing.

    If you are looking to get into blogs, read this. If you want to become more productive and manage your time more efficiently, read this. If you’re in network marketing and looking to become the top earner in your company, read this. Remember, relevancy is key, and you will find a lot of tips to help you in your current field.

  • Read multiple books at a time.

    This method works well if you’re finding that the books you are reading are boring. There are many best-selling books which have a lot of history behind it which I sometimes struggle to get through. Keep your options open is a great way to counteract this. But remember, retain the knowledge you knowing what type of learner you are!

  • Read topics which you would find most beneficial

    Don’t do the usual A-Z method, but rather read the topics at your own accord. Depending on the relevancy, you can find insightful tips without getting bored. Bare in mind, most books are structured a certain way in order to maximise the knowledge attained, but you are not limited to this. Do this if you want to skip certain aspects, but always go back to them when you’ve finished other parts of the book, just in case it may be more relevant.

  • Read faster and more efficientThis is the game changer for me. Speed reading is an efficient way to get read faster, while retaining information at the same time. For some people, it might be a little hard, but for others, it might change your reading game a bunch! If you want more information on how to Speed read, check this site out.

If you really can’t stand reading, or are primarily an audio learner, invest in audio books. I personally utilise both when I’m on the go, I can listen to a podcast or an AB and still retain information.

Think of books as an Investment, with the ROI to be infinite. Knowledge is the single most powerful concept in the world, and applying that knowledge can get you places you’ve never been before!

If you are just starting to gain a hold of your financial future, check this book out, I promise you it will be worth your while! 🙂

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