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Secrets To Staying Motivated To A Diet And Training (For Beginners)

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This is a question I believe a lot of people ponder on, and even I do. The main problem that I have is staying consistent with my diet. This is because going out with friends and my girlfriend who don’t diet themselves, it makes it hard for me to discipline myself when they’re there, eating a juicy ass burger with cheesy fries. Although, if you are past that stage, it is the consistency of the diet which may get you. Now let me fill you in on some tips:


One of the main reasons why people stop is because the results are not evident! I remember when I was cutting, I would be losing weight, but still look the exact same, or I would be staying the same, but look leaner? It’s a weird phenomenon, but trust me, if your diet and training are on fleek, then this is not a problem. If you look up diet transformations, you see that you start to see minor differences around week 4, major difference around week 8, and a drastic difference around week 12. There is a principle that I had read before, it goes “4 Weeks is when you can start to see results yourself, 8 weeks is when the people closest can you can see results, and 12 weeks is when everyone around you can see the results”. DO NOT RUSH THIS PROCESS OF PLANNING! Setting specific goals is vital. For example, “Eat 5x a day and train 5x a week” is a little bit too vague for my liking, and should be for you too. Try something along the lines of:

Daily Meals:
Meal 1: __
Meal 2:__
Meal 3:__
Meal 4:__
Meal 5:__

Training Regime:

Obviously, yours will be a lot more neater than mine, but this is the extent you must be willing to go if you want to reap the results. You may see YouTubers whom don’t do this, and this is because established fitness YouTubers are already heavily embedded into the lifestyle. It is an automatic for them to diet and train hard, therefore, this planning is not needed. For beginners, however, having set meals and a training regime to look to will save you the trouble of thinking what to eat next, or what to train next. Dates are then needed to fuel the plan. Now, do not set extremely difficult goals from the get go. Slowly ease into it. When you cut for the first time, you tend to lose the most amount of weight fast, until your body gets used to the deficit, and adapts to it. So you might be losing heaps of weight at first, but then stop at a certain point.

This could be a turning point for some beginners, as they’re thinking “WTF? Why I lose no weight now” then proceed to chuck the scale out the window. Like I stated earlier, you may be losing the fat, but it might no show on the scale. By planning specific weight loss goals, however, this negates this stage. If you do not reach the threshold that specific week, just move it up the next week. But do not just do the same thing, change something up, whether it is your diet, or your training, something has to change for your weight to change.

NOW, PROGRESS PICTURES! This is a great way to see visually, your results, as well as visualise what you want your results to be like. I believe that progress pictures are underrated. My brother, whom has dieted consistently for the past roughly 2 years, is a prime example of this. My brother had been bulking for the past 11 months, and has gained a considerable amount of size.

Although, there are some weeks in which he does not gain weight, he has still managed to reach the 77kg mark from being 60kg. My brother takes regular progress pictures, and puts them side by side using an app on his phone. He does not take them every week, but does at least 1-2x a month. He had put a photo with a time gap of 1 month, side by side, and you can instantly see the results.

ALTHOUGH, he constantly asks me if he is getting bigger, in which I reply “YES BRO WTF? ARE YOU ON THE ROIDS?”. You see, to him, he may not see the results, because he sees himself every day. Have you ever seen a relative who was small at first, not see them for a couple of months, then visit them again and they’ve grown so much and you’re just like “WHY COULDN’T YOU BE SMALL FOREVER?, but the point is, you may not see the results, but they are there, and having progress pictures can solve that issue.


I would call this tip a lifehack. You see, our lives are dictated by our habits. Whether it is our morning regime, night time regime, teeth brushing regime, anything sequential, it has been formed and practice over the years, and has become a habit. MAKING YOUR DIET AND TRAINING A HABIT IS HARD AF, BUT SO WORTH AND POSSIBLE. I am here to tell you today, that it is quite easier than you think. “HOW?” YOU ASK, It’s simple. Diet and Train consistently for 30 days MINIMUM. This is obviously easier said then done. This requires a lot of discipline, especially on the days you feel unmotivated, frustrated, angry or off. But trust me, if you push through those days, and you do it for at least 30 days, then BAM! It is embedded into your system.

And guess what? You have now created a highly effective habit. It is obviously fresh, but discipline (and habits) are like a muscle. The more you train it the more stronger it will get. The reason why my brother was able to train so consistently for the past 2 years is that when he first started out, his focus was solely on dieting and training. He had done it for so long that after the 30-day mark, it was natural to him, and scheduled into his lifestyle. His eating, the type of food he eats, (the dude didn’t even cheat for a year, but you can still cheat if you’re starting off), and his training have all been on point, and I am proud to say that he has not missed A TRAINING SESSION!!!! -although he has changed up his diet and became a little looser on counting calories. After 30 days, it becomes a part of your lifestyle. If you don’t do it, you feel like something is missing, like a part of you is dying. That is the type of effect you want, and my previous tip will help you achieve this.

*Side Note: As you can see, dieting and training is a very psychological game. If you are able to get the psychology right prior to dieting, then you can hit those marks without anxiety or doubt in your mind.


You can learn tips from everybody. Even roidmunchers or skinny guys even crossfitters, everyone has something that you can learn from. From a roidmuncher, you can learn to be natty and not to not cheat yourselves. From skinny dudes who give you advice, talk to them with an open mind. They may notice something that you haven’t, but most times, because they’re smaller than you, they’re advice is probably wrong, and just do the opposite of it. Crossfitters? You can learn so much wisdom from these people. Just do the exact opposite of every exercise they do. Instead of jerking and looking like a flopping fish when doing pull ups, use strict form, going down and up, contracting your lats as much as possible.

ALL JOKES ASIDE, if you go to a commercial or even private gym, there will always be someone who is bigger than you. And if there is not, you’re probably going to a Planet Fitness, or, you wouldn’t be needing to read this because you’ve already achieved an amazing physique. Don’t be afraid to approach the bigger guys at the gym. Surprisingly, majority of those people are there to help you, and support you (unless you go to a crap gym). I go to an Anytime Fitness in Glendenning, and I can say that it is one of the most amazing environments i’ve been in. Compared to Mt Druitt (for those of you who don’t know, Mt Druitt is junkie station) who is full of roidmunchers. The overwhelming amount of support in my gym is amazing, and thus also motivates me to go there just to see those people. LOOK FOR THE PEOPLE WHO SAY THESE MAGICAL WORDS: “Hey bro, let me know if you need a spot”, for they are the type of people you need in your life.

Also, when you are starting it, it is vital to get the form down pat, before attempting to increase weight. People who watch you externally can point out if you are doing a certain exercise wrong. Those who are bigger or more ripped, will tell you tips on how to improve your form, will help spot you and are pretty much mentors which will call you friends. IF YOU ARE TOO SHY, IT IS STILL GOOD TO BE SURROUNDED IN THAT ENVIRONMENT. I remember when I first came to the gym, I would look at a massive dude and go “I’m going to be bigger than this guy, you watch”. 11 months later, I got a misses and couldn’t diet properly for a while, but I am slowly getting there, and using him as my motivation.


Starting off with the diet itself. I cannot stress this enough – dieting is not just a short-term thing. It is something that will be changed in your LIFESTYLE. It is merely breaking a habit to make a new one, and that is why it is so hard for people to change, because up until this point, you have been eating like a pig (thus why you should change motivation to a habit). Dieting does not have to be 100% strict all the time. Although, it would be much more beneficial if that were the case, depending on your goals you don’t have to be perfect. Unless you are competing or have a specific goal, majority of us just want to be swole or shredded, or even just be healthy. Therefore, your diet should consist of NICE TASTING, but nutritious food. I used to eat bland chicken, with vegetables and brown rice. Now I ask you this, what is the first thing you think about when you read that? NOW SOME OF YOU MAY ACTUALLY LOVE TO EAT THAT ON A REGULAR, but that’s a

Therefore, your diet should consist of NICE TASTING, but nutritious food. I used to eat bland chicken, with vegetables and brown rice. Now I ask you this, what is the first thing you think about when you read that? NOW SOME OF YOU MAY ACTUALLY LOVE TO EAT THAT ON A REGULAR, but that’s a NO from me. My diet now consists of Bacon and Eggs, Pasta, Cereals etc. BUT, WHAT I EAT MAY NOT BE SUITED FOR YOU! What I suggest is learning your body type first. Whether you are an Ectomorph (naturally skinny, hard to gain weight easy to lose), Endomorph (a little chubby, easy to gain weight, somewhat hard to lose), Mesomorph (the athletic type, easy to lose and gain) or a combination of any 2 of these (e.g. Endo + Meso: Naturally athletic, easier to gain weight than it is to lose), obviously genetics of a Mesomorph will allow you to easily mould your body. But unless you have it hard like us Endo’s, who can gain fat easily if our diet is off, then it becomes harder. Be flexible with your diet, don’t just be strict all the time.

Now, CHEAT MEALS AKA INCENTIVES. I call these incentives because, in reality, they are the meals that should be rewarded for your hard work and efforts. This again helps you with motivation as you have a reward to look forward to every week or two. DEPENDING ON YOUR BODY TYPE, you can have either cheat meals or cheat days. People like ‘Brandon Carter’, who are Mesomorphs (his genetics are crazy) can have cheat meals because they just go straight down the toilet due to his fast metabolism.

If I have a cheat day while cutting, I will gain for sure, no questions asked. Although, there are many variants when it comes to cheating. You could, cheat the whole day, but stay under the designated amount of calories you need (it’s hard because cheat meals usually are high in calories), or you can just have a cheat meal while the other 4 meals are your diet meals. I know some people who just increase the amount of food they are eating, and call that a cheat meal. Whatever floats your boat, but MAKE SURE IT DOES NOT TURN INTO A CHEAT WEEK OR CHEAT MONTH.

Try using this mantra: “Each diet meal you have, is getting you 1 step closer to your goals. Each cheat meal you have is putting you 3 steps back” (this does not include the 1 regular cheat meal you should have a week). When you cheat more than once in a week then you are setting your goals further away from you. Use cheat meals as an incentive.

There is no definite path when it comes to dieting and training. It really comes down to the discipline and effort you’re willing to put into your body. I know for sure, that some of you guys will read this article and be motivated one day, and stop the next. If you want a long lasting change, apply these principles  to your everyday life.

Now, some of you guys may be wondering: Where is the secret? WELL. The SECRET IS HARD F#!$ING WORK! Committing to what you set out to do, and applying the principles I have told you every. single. day. to the fullest extent of your ability.


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