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3 Ways To Gain A Mentor And Connect To Other Entrepreneurs (Young Teens to Mature Entrepreneurs)

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One of the vital keys to success is surrounding yourself with like-minded people, as well as finding a mentor the pave the way for you! This is one of the most vital factors, like Les Brown said “If you surround yourself with negative people, you will become negative yourself!”. This opposite of this is also true – “If you surround yourself with Millionaires, you will become a Millionaire.”

Don’t believe me? Think about the people you hang around with the most, and ask yourself if you are in a better financial situation as them. If your answer is no then you need to upgrade your social circle. I’M NOT SAYING CUT THEM OFF, but use what Tai Lopez taught – the 33% rule. That is spend 1/3 of your time with people 10x more powerful as you (for e.g. If you want to earn $10,000 in a year, spend time with people who earn $100,000 a year).

Spend the next 1/3 with people who in the same position as you (this would most likely be your friends, family, relatives etc.)

And lastly, spend the last 1/3 with people who are in a worse position as you (this could be people who are struggling with problems etc.)

Why? I will tell you – the first 33% is so you can learn off people who are already where you want to go. The second 33% is so you can learn the difference between yourself and the successful people. The last 33% is so you can ‘lift up’ the people who are struggling and give value to them by pulling them with you through your future endeavours.

The struggle I had was finding like-minded people who were already in the position where I only dreamt to be, as well as people who want more out of life at such a young age.

Here are 3 tips I found to find those people:

1. Join a Entrepreneurial Forum

Forums are a great way to connect with people through the comfort of your own home. I have personally had numerous people help me on my business ventures, especially when you are starting out and don’t know what the hell your doing. I personally love these forums, because you find Entrepreneurs from all ends of the spectrum.

This gives you a great way to find a Mentor (online), to find other aspiring Entrepreneurs (this is where I met people the same age as me) and to find the resources in order to jumpstart my business.

There are numerous Forums available, and to name a few:

Fastlane Forum offers an amazing array of articles which you will definitely resonate with, regardless of how old you are. I guarantee you, someone has experienced your problem one way or another and has made a post about it. There is also a section where you introduce yourself and announce to the world what your goals are, and who to look out for in the future. You can then post in the ‘Accountability’ section where you update fellow users on your progress with the business – a great tool to utilise when you are lacking in motivation.

2. Join a Network Marketing Company (A GOOD ONE)

For those who don’t know what Network Marketing is, I will explain. For those who do, let me explain why I say this!

Network Marketing is very controversial and for many, this may not be the option for you. But the reason I say this is because I have personally met my Mentor in Sydney through the company I am in, and am learning first hand from her.

There’s a wide spectrum of people with backgrounds in Accounting, Law, Trades and even Business Owners. My Mentor is a Business Owner who was a Millionaire prior to joining our company. She owned 2 real-estate companies and is willing to teach me Real-Estate first hand – which is a very powerful reason to keep following.

DO YOUR RESEARCH! I was lucky enough to be introduced from a friend to my company and met some amazing people in my Upline who are willing to lock arms with me and teach me the way to success.

Do not join a Network Marketing company in which you feel uneasy. If you are sceptical, look for someone in that company who is willing to put their time and effort into you and teach you first hand how to gain success in that field.

The way to a successful career in Network Marketing is by finding a Team who you can trust, and Mentors who are willing to invest in YOU!

Now that being said, it is a GREAT way to work on Personal Development, as well as get paid for it.  You will also be forced to hone your skills in Networking, Pitching, Selling and getting yourself prepared for a business mindset

I owe a great favour to this business model – I firmly believe this will set you up for great success in Traditional Business if you even choose to go down that route after Network Marketing, or you can do what I’m doing and work on both at the same time 🙂

If this business opportunity interests you, learn more @ My Website

3. Attend Seminars, Workshops or any Event to do with the field you want to get into

These events are fairly easy to find and generally have speakers who are already successful in your specific field. You will find people who are already looking for an opportunity to become financially free. One of my Business Partners who attended the ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ seminar met an International Student who gave him 50 gb’s worth of Personal Development audio books, as well as extremely high-quality resources on investing properties.

The best place to get high-quality information is Seminars which can range from a couple of days to a whole week. This is probably the best place to network with future Millionaires, or 6-figure earners. The only catch is usually these Seminars cost a few hundreds to thousand dollars. Make sure you do your research prior to joining these Seminars as they are usually high-cost.

If you come across a great seminar, I guarantee you the information shared is probably worth more than the initial investment, whereas Workshops are free.

Upcoming Business Seminars Can Be Found Here

Workshops are generally free and go for 1 – 2 hours depending on the type of workshop you are attending. They are usually packed full of basic information, congested into a couple of hours, and are used, really to promote the upcoming Seminar.

Being a young, and not having enough money to attend an event, workshops are a great way to meet other people – and possibly split the cost of a ticket to the Seminar.

Upcoming Rich Dad Poor Dad Workshops Can Be Found Here (For Property Investors or those who are interested in becoming financially free)

One more event I would like to add are Expo’s. Expo’s are different from Seminars and Workshops and are usually events that are used to generate profit. The Expo I went to was the Sydney Fit Expo, where I got some amazing gear at discounted prices, as well as meet some of the top Fitness Idols such as Calum von Moger, Max Philisaire and Jeff Seid. It’s a great place to find bargains and be inspired.

Upcoming Sydney Fitness Expo  Expo’s Can Be Found Here

There is a saying that “Your Network will become your Networth”. Get out of your comfort zone and start looking for these people and I guarantee, they are also looking for you! In the 21st century, there is a rising trend in Entrepreneurship, and the generation that can take advantage of this trend are Millienials like you and I.

Don’t get me wrong, though you are never too old, or too young to start something, as long as you actually START!



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