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The Book That Will Change Your Financial Life Forever In 2017! (Whether You Are A Teen Or Adult)

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The book that changed my life forever was given to me at the age of 16 which changed my financial future for good!

As someone who hated reading, and didn’t really see reading as a successful habit, I was hesitant to start, but may I tell you, once I finished the final chapter, I was completely different.

If you are a person who has never touched a book, or isn’t a reader, this book will change your life. Not even in the financial sense, but in the sense that your perspective on the world will also change.

Think of a book as a personal mentor, and think of reading the book as; you are talking to that mentor.

The book resonated with me on such a high level that I finished the book within 3 days! The effects the book had on me, lead me to this post you are reading today (crazy, right?)

Now I bet you are wondering, “What is this book?”, “Psht, how can this book change my life?”

The book that will change your financial situation forever is called: ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ by Robert Kiyosaki’

This book is especially relevant to my generation of millennials, but can apply to anyone, anywhere no matter what type of financial situation you are in!

What has Rich Dad Poor Dad taught me?

  1. The Rich Mindset vs. The Poor Mindset. Like the title states, this is probably the key ingredient to the book, and highlights perfectly the difference between the 1% – 2% of the population who is reach compared to the other 98% of the population who are poor – middle class.
  2. Assets and Liabilities. Ask anyone, whether they are a parent, business owner or employee, they should know what an asset and liability is.If you are a millennial, chances are you will learn about this in the future, but you will not be taught this in school (business students are an exception)
  3. Society’s Life Cycle. Robert Kiyosaki perfectly demonstrates the process that normal people take if you are poor – middle class. This was the main concept which resonated with me, and gave me the “a-ha!” moment when I was 16.
  4. Why The Rich Get Richer and Why The Poor Get Poorer. A little bit of financial history is written in the book, but is still extremely relevant to today’s society.
  5. The Importance of Financial Education. This is a vital factor in your financial future, and most of you will probably have little to no knowledge on this topic.
  6. The Definition of Passive Income. My favourite type of income which can be summarised by the great Warren Buffett: “If you are not making money will you sleep. You will be working your whole life!”
  7. The Start of Your Investment Portfolio. Robert Kiyosaki is a world-renown property investor who has made millions off Property.

There are an incredible array of knowledge congested into one book, and is worth noting that applying these principles will definitely change your financial future.

This is definitely a must read for anyone who is wanting to change. This book was the start of a journey that is not taken by many, and can be summed up by Jerry Rice who stated:

“Today I will do what others won’t. So tomorrow I can do what others can’t.

If you want to take action and change your financial future now, order the book here!



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