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All You Need To Know About A Morning Routine (For Those Who Want To Be Successful)

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Morning Routines (Rituals) is one characteristic that every single successful person has. Morning routines can literally be the deciding factor of whether or not you will become successful in any field that you are in, whether you are an Entrepreneur, if you have a Job, or even to Athletes. This is also something I had struggled all throughout my High School days, and something that took me a while to have complete mastery over.

There is a book that I am currently reading which has inspired this post, which is called “The Miracle Morning for Network Marketers by Hal Elrod.” There is a series of books, and those who are not in the Network Marketing industry, I would suggest you get the original. A morning routine sets the mood of your whole day, you can literally change your excitement from low to high just by having a ritual and another great benefit is that in the first 20 minutes of waking up, your subconscious mind is still active, therefore any information you put within that first 20 minutes is crucial!

A morning routine sets the mood of your whole day, you can literally change your excitement from low to high just by having a ritual. Another great benefit is that in the first 20 minutes of waking up, your subconscious mind is still active, therefore any information you put within that first 20 minutes is crucial! For example, if you wake up to Eric Thomas preaching motivation to subconscious mind will absorb most of the things he will be saying, your mindset will then be in a motivational state.

Les Brown once said that “What you put in your mind in the first 20 minutes of waking up will dictate the rest of your day” – something along those lines. I have personally experienced this, and have trialled and errored this a million times. Truth be told, I can literally sleep through my alarm if I don’t get enough sleep during the night. I am a very heavy sleeper, but having knowledge on the topic and implementing key principles is what I have been successful in doing!

Now, how to wake up on time! It’s 5 easy steps in which I will showcase to you. Bare in mind, you do not have to follow exactly what I do, but do it in a way which suits your lifestyle and needs.

  1. The most important thing to waking up in the morning is the mindset you have prior to sleeping the night before! For example, if you chose to sleep late and think “I’m only going to have 6 hours of sleep, tomorrow is going to be hell!” OFCOURSE you’re going to feel the same way waking up. The last thing that you think of is the first thing that you will wake up to.

    Now, if you are a student, and you choose to sleep at the same time, but think “Tomorrow is going to be a HECTIC day, I am going to wake up regardless and grind so I can become the Alpha I am!” What kind of thought process would flow as soon as you wake up? Go to sleep with energy, and wake up with more! Sleeping should only be used to fast forward the night so that the next day will come quicker. This is the key to productivity.

  2. Setting your alarm far away from you! Now that you have the mindset established, it is now all about execution. The rest of the steps will be little changes you can make which will have a big impact when you sleep. Setting your alarm across the room, so you are forced to get up and switch it off already gets you pretty much 95% of waking up fully.

    You are up, you didn’t fall to the trap of the “Snooze” button. Remember – “You snooze, you lose!” In this context, it will make perfect sense. If you wake up half asleep, don’t you worry. There were times that I had gotten up, only to get back into bed thinking “Screw this!”. This is already countered by the mindset in which you wake up in step 1. Also, to ensure that you don’t go back into your warm, comfy bed, implement step 3!

  3. Go to the bathroom and brush your stinky breath! Have you ever woken up next to your partner when they’re still sleeping, and thought “man, her breath stank.” Well, I haven’t! because it was always me who was sleeping and her waking up. But should you get out of bed already, all you have to do to not go back to sleep is go to the bathroom, brush your teeth, and while you’re at it, splash your face with some ice cold or warm water. This will start to wake you up fully, and have you fully functioning for the day!
  4. Hydrate yourself with some H2o! Sleeping 6 – 8 hours will definitely hydrate your body. Hydration is the key to feeling energised during the morning – and even throughout the day. There is a rule that “if you are thirsty, you are dehydrated”, and drinking water first thing in the morning will negate that. Feeling groggy still? Have some water! Water makes up about 60% of our body, so going 6 – 8 hours without water is going to make you dehydrated, and more importantly make your skin ashy! And trust me, no-one wants ashy skin!
  5. The last and one of the best steps is to… EXERCISE! Yes, yes, I know – but Rich, I hate exercising! Well guess what, one of the pillars of life is ‘Health’. Not only does exercising boost your mental state by flowing more blood  to the brain, it helps you tremendously with your physique (looks), if you have trouble losing weight, adding it to your morning routine (COMBINED WITH A GREAT AND MOTIVATED MINDSET) will surely change your life, and most importantly, it will give you the major confidence throughout the day. I can go on and on about exercise, but that is for another day.

Now think about it, you wake up motivated, you get up straight away to music you either love (or hate – my preference), you brush your teeth to make your mouth fresher, you hydrate yourself for more energy, then you exercise, increasing your mental state even FURTHER for a more productive day – ALL BEFORE 8AM. Guess what, you are now in the 1% of the population who wake up everyday ready to take what they deserve. You are no more productive than those who pressed the snooze button or sleep in till the arvo. You now put yourself in a state of positivity, and now it is up to you to keep on grinding.

Two tips I would like to mention is:

  1. When you are doing cardio, plan the rest of your day out, or check your e-mails or texts. Catch up on any notifications so that your day is fresh. This is also known as batching – again this is another story!
  2. Have some motivation or self-improvement playing in the background during the first 20 minutes. This will be another factor setting the tone for today. Live with a mind of abundance!


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